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Coal and Fly Ash Hopper Heaters, Industrial Tank Heaters, Heating Cable, Silicone Heater Blankets, Control Systems.


Welding Power Consoles, Ceramic Mat Heaters, TAU Units, Temperature Recorders, Cable Sets, Brinell Testers.


Multi-Operator Power Supplies, Packaged Welding Systems, Single Operator Welders, GRID Systems, Custom Transformers


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The Ultimate in Hopper and Chute Heaters
Hotfoil HB Modules

Metallic and Non-metallic Tank Heating
Type ELP Tank Heaters

Multi-operator Welding Units
The AFTEK-EHS Power Family

Made in USA Ceramic Mat Heaters
Wide variety of voltages and sizes

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Hotfoil-EHS Hamilton, NJ Headquarters
Large, modern production facility

Schedule a Plant Visit
Tours, Specialized Training

Rep Inquiries Welcome
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EHS Power Console

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Eight EHS 12-way power consoles. 12 zones of control, 12 point digital recorders, breakers, heater lights, ammeter, 120 volt outlets, three thermocouple locations per circuit, cooling fan, console completely pre-wired and tested. More.

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